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How can I make my perfume smell for a long time?

If you are a perfume lover, have an interest in it, and want to keep your perfume for a longer period, we will tell you, how you can do that. 

how to extend the life of your perfume? How to keep your perfume smell longer?

These are a big question in our life, Some of us may struggle to keep our costly perfume bottles safely so that our perfume can last long. 

Extend the life of your perfume
Extend the life of your perfume

Keep your Perfume Bottle Cold and Dark Place

It’s important that you should keep your perfume bottle inside a suitable dark and cold place.  Because Light and temperature can harm your perfume and it would become less effective. 

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Keep Save from Exposer of Light

It is important to know that light, and temperature, harm the quality of perfume and harm its longevity. Some perfume bottles respect this condition and are originally made of dark or colored glass, but others are made of light-colored and thin glass, so it is better to keep your perfume bottles in a dark place, in order to get maximum effects. 

How to extend the life of your p
How to extend the life of your p

High Temperature

The high temperature, as well as the light, can easily disintegrate the chemicals present in the perfume, which dilutes your favorite perfume and accelerate to downgrade the fragrance quickly.  so keep the perfumes in a place with a natural temperature so that your perfume is not exposed to temperature fluctuation.  As we already said that this is harmful.


Avoid Moisture 

Moisture is one of the enemies of perfume, so if you are one of those who have a habit to keep perfume bottles in the bathroom, give up this idea unless you put the bottles in a tightly closed cupboard away from moisture. 

Don’t Keep your Perfume Bottle Opened

Do not open perfume bottles continuously and do not remove their caps, on the other hand, be sure not to shake the bottle unnecessarily.  The gases present in it will react to each other and lose their quality quickly. 

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