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Is it good or bad to drink water with meals?

If you drink water while eating, you do not experience acid reflux or other negative health effects as a result of digestion or bloating.

In addition to assisting digestion and metabolism, drinking water has many health benefits. Nevertheless, some people still worry that drinking water with meals will affect digestion. But it’s fact that Drinking water while having a meal does not adversely affect the digestion of food.

The study has found that drinking water while eating causes digestive disorders and harms health, but there is no need to worry. Michael Picco, an assistant professor of medicine at Mayo Clinic School of Medicine, recommends not worrying about water diluting digestive juices or interfering with digestion.

Is it good or bad to drink water with meals
Is it good or bad to drink water with meals?

Water is an Essentials Part of our Body

Water is essential for the body. Drinking water is vital to human health. Fluids like water assist in the process of breaking down food, allowing nutrients to enter your body. Additionally, water softens stools, preventing constipation. Clinical Nuclear Medicine published a study in 2019 showing that fluid did not affect how solids were cleared from the stomach.

According to Debbie Fetter, assistant professor of nutrition at the University of California (USA), drinking water while eating is not harmful. People who overeat can also benefit from taking sips of liquids as it slows down eating and improves digestion and finally helps to lose weight. Yes, Drinking water while or before eating can help to lose weight.

What Dietitian Says About Drinking While Having Meal?

A registered dietitian in Atlanta (USA), Maria Moore, said drinking the right amount of water doesn’t negatively affect digestion. The stomach is an acidic environment and is quite adaptable. In healthy people, the stomach secretes enough liquid and acid to digest a meal.

Is it good or bad to drink water with meal
Is it good or bad to drink water with the meal?

The idea that you should not drink water before or while eating is completely wrong, according to Tamara Duker Freuman, author of “The Bloated Belly Whisperer.” Water helps digestion rather than bloating during meals when sipped slowly.

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Drinking water while eating can be beneficial

An expert with the American Heart Association told The Thirty that drinking water satisfies hunger hormones and makes you feel full. According to Expert Dr., water is present in all foods. If you eat a large salad, you’re chewing on water. What’s the problem with drinking some water?

IPGME&R and SSKM Hospital & medical college in Kolkata, India, writes that water is a healthy choice for every day and will not disrupt digestion even when consumed in large quantities. Moderate amounts of water are not harmful after eating a full meal. According to this website, drinking water after meals provides many benefits, including absorbing nutrients, reducing calories, preventing constipation, softening stools, and preventing bloating.

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