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Does drinking water help to lose weight?

Drinking water makes you feel energetic, replenishes energy, and helps you exercise more effectively, resulting in a healthy lifestyle. Water can help you lose weight. You can lose an average of 5.15% of your body weight by drinking lots of water. 

Water is very important for human life, it helps regulate blood circulation, maintain body temperature,  and transport nutrients to every tiny cell in our whole body. Many studies have shown that water has the effect of losing weight or helping to maintain a healthy body. 

The time of day when you eat and drink water before that can also affect your weight. Experts recommend drinking water on an empty stomach and right before a meal. Drinking water increases the feeling of fullness, which in turn causes a person to eat less. Eating less means a deficit in calorie intake and less time to digest. Less time to digest means lots of energy saved and the elementary canal gets time to repair and take rest. combing all together it’s impulse healthy life and triggers weight loss. 

In this article, we shall discuss the significant roles of Drinking water. 

How does Weight loss Trigger?

One of the most important factors of weight loss is a “calorie deficit,” which means that the number of calories consumed must be less than or equal to the number of calories loaded in our body.

Calories loaded into the body (calories in) a day including food and drinks. Calories out are metabolism, normal activities (including breathing or sleeping), and exercise. Water plays an important role in that whole process.

Does drinking water help to lose weight
Does drinking water help to lose weight?

Why Does Water Play a Vital Role in Maintaining Balanced Weight?

The first reason is that it does not contain any calories. You can therefore reduce your daily calorie intake by replacing soft drinks, juices, or hot drinks with filtered water. Using fewer beverages that increase satiety also helps reduce daily food intake in the body, thereby reducing calories.

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Drinking-Water Reduce Hunger

Many studies show that drinking water helps reduce hunger but not weight gain. The reason is that water stretches the stomach. Besides, both hunger and thirst share some of the same neural circuits. As such, drinking plenty of water sometimes solves both of these problems, according to research published in a medical journal.

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Water Makes exercise more effective

Water makes exercise more effective. Exercise is one of the important measures to cause a calorie deficit because it directly affects the number of calories consumed (calories in) by our body.

During exercise, many people become dehydrated. Their bodies lost up to 2 liters of water during each exercise, from sweating and breathing. They soon get tired, don’t finish their workouts, and find it hard to lose weight in a healthy way. 

For example, rehydrating during training sessions cause the body to regain energy quickly, thereby making exercise more effective.

Drinking-Water Vs Weight Loss Experiment by Obesity journal

Research published in the journal Obesity shows that drinking more water than usual can help with weight loss. Scientists analyzed the weight index and eating habits of 173 women over 12 months. All volunteers were diagnosed as overweight. Before that, they had a habit of drinking less than 1 liter of water per day.

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At 2, 6, and 12 months, the experts assessed factors such as diet, exercise intensity, weight, body fat percentage, and waist circumference. They tracked both the amount of water the volunteers drank during the day, the calorie-free foods, and the sugar-free foods they ate. The team found that people who drank more water lost more weight.

Does drinking water help to lose weight
Does drinking water help to lose weight?

A meta-analysis from Hospital Nutrition evaluated 6 different randomized controlled studies on the effects of water on weight loss. Scientists found that volunteers who drank a lot of water lost from 0.4 kg to 8.8 kg (an average of 5.15% of body weight). The study used different forms of water intake, such as increasing daily water intake, replacing calorie-dense beverages with water, and drinking water before meals.

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This is evidence that drinking water can help with weight loss, especially when combined with other methods, such as reducing calorie intake and exercising regular basis can help to lose weight very quickly.

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