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Red Velvet Wendy Weight Loss: Diet Plan, Workout, Journey 2024

Red Velvet Wendy Weight Loss: Shon Seung-wan is a famous Korean singer, radio host, and voice actress, professionally known as Red Velvet Wendy. After her official debut as a South Korean girl group member, people started calling her Red Velvet Windy. In 2021, Wendy made her debut with Like Water.

Red Velvet Wendy Weight Loss
Red Velvet Wendy Weight Loss

Wendy dreamed of being a singer when she was just six years old. Throughout her life, she diligently trained herself to achieve her aim. She also learned to play the saxophone, piano, flute, and guitar, among other instruments.

Throughout her life, Wendy diligently trained herself to achieve her dream. She also learned to play the guitar, piano, flute, and saxophone, among other musical instruments. Apart from her successful professional life, Windy is also famous for her weight loss journey.

In this article, we are going to discuss Red Velvet Wendy’s Weight Loss Journey, Diet Plan, Workout, Transformation, Before and After, and more.

Red Velvet Wendy Weight Loss Journey

Why did Red Velvet Wendy Transform her body shape? Wendy, a member of Red Velvet, has made news for her weight reduction and body transformation in addition to her musical career.

Wendy was already famous before her debut, not for her singing, but for her overweight figure. In an Interview with TVN’s Raid the Convenience Store, Wendy used to be overweight before embarking on her profession.

She was rejected by Cube Entertainment only because her physical appearance did not meet their criteria. It was her first rejection, but it was also her biggest source of drive. This encounter inspired her to improve her physical appearance to realize her desire.

Red Velvet Wendy Weight Loss Journey
Red Velvet Wendy Weight Loss Journey

Wendy put forth a lot of effort before being hired as a trainee at SM Entertainment. Wendy had to reduce even more weight before making her Red Velvet debut in 2014, and absolutely! She got through. Her weight loss, on the other hand, was erratic. Her weight fluctuated from time to time. She was gaining and losing weight at a rapid pace.

In 2016, Wendy’s weight gain was visible when she made a stage comeback. Wendy’s weight increase led to speculation that she can’t take care of her body, in contrast to the other girls of Red Velvet, who take excellent care of their physical appearance. Wendy shed 15kg in just four months after this tragedy, proving to everyone that she could also get a slim and beautiful body shape.

Red Velvet Wendy Weight Loss Diet Plan and Workout

A nutritious and well-balanced diet is an essential aspect of the weight-loss process. Her fans were constantly curious to know what is Wendy’s diet secret?

Wendy, a Red Velvet member, revealed her weight loss diet plan in an interview. For breakfast, she’d enjoy an apple with some vegetable juice.

During her lunchtime, she used to make pumpkin juice. She takes very little amount of rice and has experienced with lemon detox.

Wendy is continually attempting to avoid her meal. According to some sources, her food menu had just 100 kcal, despite the fact that a mature woman’s diet should contain at least 200 kcal.

Wendy also revealed the workout program that assisted her in her weight loss journey, in addition to her nutrition. Her nightly fitness program includes a 2-hour workout following dancing rehearsal.

She also recommended aerobics as an additional fitness plan for everyone. Wendy reduced fifteen kg of additional weight in just four to five months by diligently adhering to her schedule.

Some people who want to lose weight believe that gastric bypass surgery is the simplest way to lose weight. Wendy was said to have undergone Gastric Bypass Weight Loss Surgery as well.

On the other hand, she has never revealed whether she has undergone weight-loss surgery or not. She naturally loses her body weight. Proper diet and regular exercise helped her to lose weight.

Before and After Weight Loss

Wendy was a chubby woman before making her debut with the Red Velvet girl group. Despite having extremely outstanding voice talents, Cube Entertainment refused her only because her physical appearance could not meet their criteria.

Red Velvet Wendy Weight Loss
Red Velvet Wendy Weight Loss

But she didn’t lose hope and continued her auditions and also decided to lose weight her overweight too. She was hired as a trainee by SM Entertainment in 2012, where she trained for two years and reduced weight before making her debut with Red Velvet Group.

If we look at Wendy’s before and after photos, we can see how she has turned her fat body into a slimmer-than-ever figure.

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