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Kelly Osbourne Weight Loss 2023

Kelly Osbourne Weight Loss: Kelly Osbourne is a famous English actress, singer, model, and fashion designer. She has amassed a huge fan following around the world. There will hardly be anyone in the United Kingdom who has not heard of Kelly. So, this article has been created for her fans who are always curious to know about Kelly Osbourne’s Weight Loss.

Kelly Osbourne Weight Loss
Kelly Osbourne Weight Loss

Here we will discuss Kelly Osbourne’s Weight Loss Journey, Diet Plan, Workouts, Before & After, Rumors, etc.

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How did Kelly Osbourne lose weight?

Kelly feels much better than ever after undergoing gastric surgery and putting in a lot of hard work. She revealed that she had lost 85 pounds, resulting from a total physical and mental health shift that started years ago after gastric sleeve surgery.

She confessed that she had gastric surgery and didn’t care what others thought about it. During an interview on “Hollywood Raw” with the hosts Adam Glyn and Dax Holt, Osbourne cleared that she has gone through weight loss surgery, but she has not done any plastic surgery.

Kelly Osbourne Before Weight Loss
Kelly Osbourne Before Weight Loss

During an interview with Hollywood Raw, Kelly told hosts Dax Holt and Adam Glyn on their podcast in response to rumors about plastic surgery. She expressed her point of view after getting. 

“I had the gastric sleeve implanted almost two years ago. It has changed the shape of my stomach. I don’t lie about anything that’s happened. It’s the best decision I have ever made.”

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Nevertheless, Osbourne emphasized that a complete lifestyle change must undergo surgery.

I had surgery to lose weight if you don’t like workouts and get a proper diet. Kelly stated that all it does is move you in the right direction. During the year before the surgery, she had to undergo standalone therapy to prepare for it.

Kelly Osbourne After Wegiht Loss
Kelly Osbourne After Wegiht Loss

“What people don’t realize is that it cuts out this hormone that stops your cravings,” she said. “I don’t emotionally eat, so it hasn’t helped me.” “It’s not a quick fix.”

Osbourne also said that she could only lose weight if she first focused on her mental health. The first thing I needed to do was get happy. I had to fix my mind before I could fix my body. “Without a positive attitude, it will be impossible to accomplish this.”

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The first thing Osbourne did was stop drinking, which she referred to as “the best thing that has ever happened to me.”

“I wanted to repair the things I had broken inside me,” she said. “I’m not perfect; I still make a lot of mistakes. Sometimes I fall down, but I get back up afterward.”

In the last few years, Osbourne lost 85 pounds, a step she says she took for herself.

Osbourne stated that she had been working on this for two years. According to her, if she wanted to be in this industry, she had to lose weight. According to her, she did it for herself, not for others.

Osbourne explained that people did not notice the change immediately following the injection, which was to alleviate the pain in her jaw from TMJ, a widespread problem in the jaw joint.

Afterward, people noticed that she had lost weight because everything had changed. After all, it made her jaw look thinner.

Osbourne said she wouldn’t let people ignore her when she was overweight after her weight loss.

According to Osbourne, she will instead work with the people who appreciate her.

Now I know exactly who I’m going to work with and who I won’t because I know who called me fat and didn’t want to work with me. I remember that. That’s the best revenge I can get,” Kelly said.

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How much weight did Kelly Osbourne lose?

She previously disclosed in August 2020 that she had lost around 85 pounds after having the procedure two years earlier. 

What diet did Kelly Osbourne go on?

Osbourne is an inspiration for many who want to lose weight. She lost 85 pounds after undergoing gastric sleeve surgery by changing her lifestyle. She followed a plant-based, vegan diet and did cardio every day for half an hour.

Kelly Osbourne’s weight loss journey is impressive and inspirational. She lost 85 pounds in just one year, completely stunning her fans.

Many can relate to her weight gain story due to emotional eating, a stressful lifestyle, and addiction.

The fact that she overcame those obstacles and achieved her best weight and shape was an inspiration to all.

According to Osbourne, she followed a plant-based vegan diet plan to lose weight after undergoing gastric sleeve surgery.

She believes in living a healthy, positive life and making the most out of it.

How did Kelly Osbourne change her face?

In an Instagram post, Kelly Osbourne passionately responds to rumors of plastic surgery:

Kelly has always been honest with her fans and followers.

Kelly Osbourne Weight Loss Before and After
Kelly Osbourne Weight Loss Before and After

She cleared that she had never had plastic surgery, so she opened up about her relapse after being clean for nearly four years.

According to the English singer, there are rumors she has undergone painful cosmetic surgery, but she disputes the claims and stands up for herself on Instagram.

Kelly captioned the post: “Let’s squash these stupid rumors!!! Can’t you just be happy for me?”

Kelly would not hide a procedure like this, considering how vulnerable she was about her previous gastric bypass surgery, which resulted in an 85-pound weight loss.

“I had surgery no matter what anyone says,” Osbourne said in August’s Hollywood Raw podcast.

Kelly Osbourne Before and After Weight Loss Journey

Kelly Osbourne has shed 85 pounds following her gastric sleeve procedure in the past year but has had its ups and downs. In a new interview, the actress discusses losing weight, her sobriety, and why she’s happier.

Kelly Osbourne Before and After Weight Loss
Kelly Osbourne Before and After Weight Loss

She looks more beautiful after losing 85 pounds. If you compare her current pictures with her old ones, you will notice many differences. 

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Conclusion/Bottom Line:

In her weight loss journey, Kelly Osbourne sets examples for everyone. She suggests that you should focus on your happiness. Do not allow others to determine your happiness for you. Think, observe, and do what is best for you without considering how others perceive you.

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