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Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid welcome a Baby

It’s a great time for Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik Life as they become entered into parenthood. Congratulation to Gigi Hadid and Zayn Maik young and vibrant 25 years old model has given birth to their first child. They welcome a baby girl malik Announced sharing the photographs on the twitter platform.

Malik Wrote on his twitter handle.

Gigi and zayan Malik
Gigi and zayan Malik
Our baby girl is here, healthy & beautiful

to try put into words how i am feeling right now would be an impossible task. The love i feel for this tiny human is beyond my understanding. Grateful to know her, proud to call her mine, & thankful for the life we will have together x

The singer, Gigi Hadid husband Zayn was so happy that he was not able to share his feeling, and he was enjoying the moments as it will be memorable for the whole life. Bellow is the tweet he posted on her twitter handle, just checked out….

Gigi Hadid pregnancy
Gigi Hadid pregnancy

Gigi Hadid shared her baby on instagram

Gigi Hadid Instagram post goest viral, as Hadid shared his girl picture on Instagram and written that “Our girl joined us earth-side this weekend and she’s already changed our world. So in love??.”

It was a Brilliant and happy moments for her to being a mother and holding her tiny baby in her lap.

Malik and Gigi, they are not coming up with good news, always Gigi being seen silent on her baby bump. She has not shared the information when she just pregnant, on April 2020 they announce the good news and confirmed on public media and Gigi Hadid Instagram and Twitter profile.

It was july, Hadid showed off her baby bump on her instagram GTv , comming on a live video.

Gigi was enjoying pregnany and her close friends and family members already knew that she would be the best mom for her child. According to news gigi was silent and much not shared on her pregnancy due to coronavirus and other pademic Gigi keept all those things secretly. She was ready to deliver the good news in proper times.

Gigi Haid Pregnancy pics
Gigi Haid Pregnancy pics

Gigi Hadid Age

Gigi Hadid is just 25 years old

Gigi Hadid Baby Name

Gigi and Zayn will share the name of their baby soon.

Gigi Hadid Zayn Malik baby name

They will announce her first baby girl’s name soon.
You can suggest and guess what name she should be fit for her? any guess you can comments bellow

Gigi Hadid Baby girl photo

Here is the latest secret photo available of Gigi Hadid Baby girl how cute isn’t it.

Gigi Hadid Baby photo
Gigi Hadid Baby photo

Gigi Hadid Baby father

Gigi hadid baby father name is Zayn Malik

Gigi Hadid Baby guess

People and fans guess that Gigi welcome a baby girl or baby boy, but after announcement from Gigi and Zayn Malik it’s clear that they welcomed a baby girl.

Gigi Hadid Baby boy

Nope they wlecomed a Baby girl

Gigi Hadid pregnancy photo goes viral
Gigi Hadid pregnancy photo goes viral

Gigi Hadid Baby Model

Gigi is talented model, and she is now become a proubd mother after delivering her first baby.

Gigi Hadid Baby gap

She just given birth her first baby girl.

We wish Gigi and Zayn’s daughter live long and blessed by God, she may live her peaceful life and get success in her life. as of now, she is being in childhood let pray for her, and wish her baby to enjoy her child hood.

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